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Genuine ShoreStation Vinyl Covers protect your boat from the elements.

Our standard covers feature a vinyl-coated nylon fabric, superior construction with heat-welded seams.


Available in 5 color options:

Vinyl Colors

Blue – Tan – Green – White – Gray
Actual colors may vary some depending on your monitor.


SeaMark Canopy CoversSeaMark™ Canopy Covers


New SeaMark™ fabric-style covers offer an elegant alternative to standard vinyl covers. The tasteful aesthetics make your waterfront stand out in a quiet, dignified way


Features & Benefits

  • High-Tech Protection For Your Boat
    The stylish appearance is just the beginning – these covers use a unique combination of materials to protect your boat.
    The top portion of the cover is constructed of SeaMark™ material, which is Sunbrella® fabric with a marine-grade, waterproof, vinyl backing. Sunbrella® is the same colorfast outdoor fabric used on many boat covers, SUV soft tops and luxury vehicle convertible tops.Dielectrically sealed top seams provide better waterproofing protection than sewn seams. On the underside, reinforced vinyl bungee pockets provide added strength right where it’s needed.
  • Complimentary Colors
    Choose from four colors that will compliment any waterfront:
    Complimentary Colors
    Colors: Linen ————– Hunter ———— Dubonnet ————- Blue
  • The Genuine Article
    This is a Genuine ShoreStation cover – guaranteed to fit right and look great. They are available in a variety of sizes to fit 22’, 24’ and 26’ ShoreStation canopy frames.
  • Distinctive Details
    An embroidered ShoreStation logo finishes off these covers with a sophisticated touch of class.
  • Installation is a Snap!
    SeaMark™ canopy covers are rigged for quick and easy installation using ShoreStation’s SpoolSnap attaching system.
  • Maximum Leak Resistance
    Features two laterally sewn seams rather than the traditional seven seams across the width of the canopy. This means less area for potential leaks. The seams are stitched from the underside of the canopy for maximum leak resistance.
  • Exceptional Fit & Finish
    New design features corner seams that line up with the side seams for an exceptional fit and a cleaner look. Scallop trim is reinforced with zigzag stitching for secure attachment.

New SpoolSnap Canopy Covers


New ShoreStation canopy covers feature the innovative SpoolSnap attaching system:

SpoolSnap 2

  • No more difficult springs!
  • New canopy design has a bungee cord sewn into the canopy.
  • Simply loop the bungee over the spools and you’re done.
  • Older ShoreStation canopy frames can be easily adapted to the new SpoolSnap system.



The SpoolSnap system is now standard on all ShoreStation canopy covers. Visit your dealer today for a demonstration.

How do I measure correctly for a Shorestation Vinyl Cover?


Follow the steps below to identify the correct canopy cover model for your ShoreStation Lift.

STEP 1 – Length
Measure the overall length of canopy frame length in feet.
(Flat line Measurement.)

STEP 2 – Width
Measure the overall distance between the inside of the canopy posts in inches




Please call Bob’s Marine Service at (641) 357-2627 for pricing. Bob would be happy to recommend the specific canopy cover size to meet your needs. 


1 year Warranty covers canopy covers and canopy frame

To view the ShoreStation Warranty in full, click here.