Boat Docks

ShoreStation DockShoreStation DockYour dock is the heart of your lake home. It has to stand up to the daily punishment of boats, rough water, the sun, kids and much more. Sure you want your dock to look great, but you also want your dock to be safe and easy to maintain.


Since 1959 the ShoreStation name has stood for top quality hoist and dock systems. With that in mind, the proud ShoreStation tradition continues today with innovative products like the new EON Marine@ sideboards and accessories and innovative Dock Style with ShoreBridge Dock systems. Whether you choose the 2′, 4′, 6′ or 8′ wide sections, all ShoreStation Dock offers good looks and exceptional stability.




Why invest in a ShoreStation Dock?


All ShoreStation Dock hardware and component parts are constructed of the highest quality materials, from the galvanized steel leg frames to the stainless steel cotter keys, everything is designed with durability in mind.



Dock Permits


All docks, hoists, buoys, and rafts placed in or over any water open to the public in the state of Iowa must now have a permit.


Click here to access the Iowa Department of Natural Resources website to learn more about DNR Requirements and print an application form.  Once you have determined the appropriate application, print off a copy and submit it the DNR North Central Iowa for processing. They can be reached at (641) 357-3517 or by email at should you have questions.