ShoreStation Classic Sectional

A-Frame 1A-Frame 2Classic Sectional dock offers good looks and endless layout options.  The foot pads on each of the legs simply rest on the lake bottom. This allows the dock to work in difficult situations such as steep drop offs and rocky, uneven bottoms.


The welded deck sections are available in your choice of alumimum or cedar with complementary sideboards for a look that never goes out of style.


The various leg frame and extension leg combinations allow it to work in water up to 12’ 4” deep.


The legs frames are designed with an A-Frame stance which provides a wider base for a level of stability and safety you will not find with ordinary docks.For the do-it-yourselfers, ShoreStation Dock takes less than half the time and hassle to install as conventional dock systems

Features & Benefits

    • ShoreStation Classic Sectional DockEngineered Tough
      Individual dock sections are connected with overlapping steel channels and spring-loaded lever locks. This innovative system provides a snug fit that stays connected even during the roughest of weather.


    • Rock-Solid Support
      Have you ever noticed that some docks are about as stable as the rope bridge in an amusement park funhouse? ShoreStations unique A-Frame stance gives their dock a rock-solid base for added safety and peace of mind.


    • Top Quality Materials
      Whether you choose Aluminum or Nostalgic Cedar, ShoreStation uses only the highest-grade materials to provide a better appearance and a higher level of dependability than any ordinary dock.


    • Accessories Galore
      Go ahead – express yourself! ShoreStation’s wide variety of accessories makes it easy to customize your layout. From functional items like gear tower lights, to decorative accents like our stylish flagpole – they’re all here and they’re all Genuine ShoreStation.

      • No Side to Side Sway with this design!
      • Extemely Stable Platforms!
      • Very easy in and out!


    • Easy Adjustability
      The Byro Lock’s cam-lock mechanism makes leg adjustments easy and requires no tools. Simply hold the section at the desired level and step down on the pad to set the leg height. The stainless steel teeth provide a safe, stable hold. To lower, just pull up the release lever.


    • Quick Change Connectors
      Many accessories feature our patented “quick-as-a-click” connector, which allows you to install and remove them without tools. This versatile system makes rearranging easy as you add more sections and more accessories

      • No Side to Side Sway with this design!
      • Extemely Stable Platforms!
      • Very easy in and out!
      • No Tools Needed!
      • Quick in and out!
      • Easy to Expand!

Which ShoreStation Classic Sectional Dock Style is Right for me?

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Low Maintenance Aluminum Nostalgic Cedar
Aluminum Planking is coated with durable sand-beige, powder paint. Nothing can match the beauty and durability of western red cedar.
This non-skid finish is cool to touch. Feature the finest, beveled-edge cedar planks.
No splinters , no sharp edges, no nails. Comes with matching cedar side-boards for a sturdy, traditional look.
Available with your choice of three sideboards:New EON Sideboards
Cedar SideboardsPolyvinyl Sideboards
You can choose to stain your dock or leave it unfinished.
Stationary Dock or Rolling Dock legs Stationary Dock or Rolling Dock legs

*Eon Marine@ is a unique 100% synthetic material that offers the beauty of natural wood, without all the maintenance. It is resistant to heat, cold, mold, mildew UV Rays, and insects, so it stand the test of time. That’s why this material carries a 25 year limited warranty.


Please call Bob’s Marine Service at (641) 357-2627 for pricing. Bob would be happy to recommend the specific dock style and dock configuration that will meet your needs.