ShoreStation Hydraulic

ShoreStation HydraulicThe ShoreStation FlexPower ™ Hydraulic for raising and lowering your boat has never been faster or easier. From the sleek, clean look, to smooth, level –lift operation, the ShoreStation FlexPower™ Hydraulic Lifts are packed with features to make your life easier. The ShoreStation Hydraulic Boat Lifts are available in 4,000 lb. to 15,000 lb. capacity vertical lifts. They come standard with two multi-function wireless remote controls for convenient push button operation. Most of the hydraulic operating parts can be place on one side of the boat lift, allowing for easier access in and out of the boat.

Features & Benefits

    • ShoreStation HydraulicFast, Effortless Lift
      Reliable 12 volt DC power delivers maximum and constant power to the pump resulting in the fastest lift time of any power system available. No more worrying, it will get you and and off the lift in a hurry!
    • Reliable Performance
      Yields 6-8 cycles on a fully charged battery. It provides fingertip control with the wireless remote and the battery tender or solar panel automatically recharge the battery so you do not have daily maintenance. You cannot get more convenient than that!
    • FlexPower Versatility
      Allows you the choose from three power sources: battery tender@, solar battery charging, and boat battery power cord to recharge the battery. Depending on the power source features include being waterproof and shock resistant, speedy or convenient as you can use your existing boat battery for recharging. One power source can even be a back up to another!
    • Superior Design
      Hydraulic pump and cylinder are mounted on the lift above the waterline allowing you to keep your hydraulic pump off the dock. You no longer will need to worry about corroded cylinders. Boarding step and distinctive Drop Side allow for easy boarding. Pivoting maintenance free aluminum/poly bunks are mounted on sturdy support channels to shoulder the load. Wow, all of this great design!

Our most popular ShoreStation Hydraulic lifts we sell are:

Model Capacity Max Beam Lift Height Overall Width Lift Weight
SSV40120HAS 4000 120 4’ 11’4” 660
SSV6012HAS 6000 120 4’6” 11’4” 930
SSV8013HSDW 8000 132 5’6” 12’10” 1,110

Models, specifications, and accessories are subject to change
Available Accessories – Canopy, Key FOB Remotes, Load Guides, Pontoon Conversion Kit, Bow Stop, Motor Stop, Boat Stops, Drop Side Arm Kit, Roll-In Kit, Bunk Load Guides, Centering Device, Post Load Guides, Entension Legs, Lift Corner Bumpers, Wheel Kit (Canopy Colors – Blue, Green, White, Tan and Gray. Special ordered colors available.)


Please call Bob’s Marine Service at (641) 357-2627 for pricing and details regarding the full line of available boat lift accessories. Bob would be happy to recommend the specific lift model to meet your needs.


ShoreStation Aluminum Boat Lift Warranty
2 year Basic Limited Warranty covers every Midwest supplied part with exceptions on your aluminum ShoreStation hoist. The Basic Warranty covers the cost of all parts and labor needed to repair any item on your aluminum Shore Station hoist that is defective in material, workmanship or factory preparation. You pay nothing for these repairs.10 year Fabricated Frame and Extrusion Warranty covers frame and extrusion parts and components of your aluminum ShoreStation hoist frame for 10 years beginning at your hoist’s warranty start date.1 year Warranty covers hydraulic components, electrical components, canopy covers, canopy frame, ShoreStation accessories and wood bunks.To view the ShoreStation Warranty in full, click here.