At Bob’s Marine Service, we provide our Clear Lake customers with a full range of dock, boat lift services and boat storage. We have been providing marine service to our customers as Hanson’s Marine, Inc. since 1961. Our service focus is on lift pick up and deliver, lift storage, lift repair, dock installation and removal. Our goal is simple, to provide our customers with the best and most reliable service possible.


Boat Lift Installation and Removal/Off Season Storage

We are experienced in lift delivery with our seasoned staff! Our experience allows us to handle any brand of lift for delivery or pick up. Let us store your lift during the winter months so it is ready for delivery once the season begins.


Boat Lift Maintenance and Repair

The average boat lift life span is around 12 years but with winches, cables, pulleys, hydraulics, pumps and anything else you may add to your lift they do require maintenance. Lifts are exposed directly to the elements. We can help with all types of repair from cables, stuck pulleys, broken foot pads or leg adjustments and more. During the off season we do our best to inspect stored lifts and notify customers of repairs needed so in the spring your lifts are ready to go.


Dock Install and Removal/Maintenance and Inspection

We install & service any manufacture style of dock, focusing on ShoreStation sectional and pole & plank. Installation of plank & pole dock is our specialty. We use with the newest technology, pneumatic pounders and propane hammers.
Bob’s Marine Service examines your dock sections and hardware during the installation and removal process each season so we can keep those unexpected problems from occurring.


Canopy and Motor Removal and Storage

Let us remove your boat lift canopy(s), fold it correctly and store it during the off season. We do our best to inspect your canopy for rips or frayed seams during this process and notify you so we can have repairs done. We can also remove and store your hoist motor.


Boat  and Trailer Storage

We can store your boat trailer during the season or off season.


Please call Bob’s Marine Service at (641) 357-2627 for pricing and questions on our services.